H.I.G. Infrastructure – Investment Stories

Tower Professional Engineering

Miriam Rafiqi, a senior investment professional and H.I.G. Infrastructure Managing Director, discuses the firm’s investment in Tower Engineering Professionals (“TEP”), a leading provider of telecom maintenance and engineering services to blue-chip cell tower owners and wireless carriers. H.I.G. Infrastructure invested in TEP in April 2023 and is excited for what’s to come in our partnership with the company, as well as the telecom industry overall. 


Andrew Liau, Co-Head of H.I.G. Infrastructure, discusses the firm’s investment journey in EYSA, what’s to come in the mobility industry, and our continued partnership with the EYSA team. Since H.I.G.’s initial investment in EYSA in May 2022, the company – a leading provider of smart mobility solutions for municipalities in Spain, LatAm, and the U.S., – has developed new products, implemented ESG initiatives, and executed on its buy-and-build strategy in Spain and abroad.

Northern Biogas

George Watts, H.I.G. Infrastructure Managing Director, discusses the firm’s investment in Northern Biogas, a leading waste-to-renewable natural gas (“RNG”) company specializing in the operation and development of RNG facilities across the U.S.

North America Central School Bus

Ed Pallesen, Co-Head of H.I.G. Infrastructure, shares the successful execution of the North America Central School Bus (NAC) investment thesis, highlighting the completion of two significant add-on acquisitions, an expanded geographical presence, and a new bus electrification strategy.